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This is an overview of the most common usage of Image. For more information about the available properties, methods, or events, head over to the complete API documentation for Image.

<Image> is a UI component that shows an image from an ImageSource or from a URL.

Displaying an image relative to the app directory

<Image src="~/logo.png" stretch="none" />

Displaying an image from a URL

<Image src="" stretch="none" />

Displaying an image from App_Resources

<Image src="res://icon" stretch="none" />

Displaying a base64-encoded image

<Image src="data:Image/png;base64,iVBORw..." stretch="none" />


srcString or ImageSourceGets or sets the source of the image as a URL or an image source.
imageSourceImageSourceGets or sets the image source of the image.
tintColorColor(Style property) Sets a color to tint template images.
stretchStretch(Style property) Gets or sets the way the image is resized to fill its allocated space.
Valid values: none, aspectFill, aspectFit, or fill.
For more information, see Stretch.
loadModeGets or sets the loading strategy for the images on the local file system.
Valid values: sync or async.
Default value: async.
For more information, see loadMode.

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