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The v-view directive lets you set the current element's View as a parent property.

<Child v-view:parentPropertyName />
<!-- same as: -->
<Child ~parentPropertyName />
<Child v-view:parentArrayPropertyName.array />
<!-- same as: -->
<Child ~parentArrayPropertyName.array />

Example: <RadSideDrawer>

The <RadSideDrawer> component is part of the Progress NativeScript UI package.

The <RadSideDrawer> component requires the drawerContent and mainContent properties to be set to View instances. Using the v-view directive, you can do this with a few lines of code:

  <StackLayout ~drawerContent />
  <StackLayout ~mainContent />

Without the v-view directive, you need to go a more tedious and error-prone route:

<RadSideDrawer ref="drawer">
  <StackLayout ref="drawerContent" />
  <StackLayout ref="mainContent" />
  mounted() {
    this.$refs.drawer.nativeView.drawerContent = this.$refs.drawerContent.nativeView
    this.$refs.drawer.nativeView.mainContent = this.$refs.mainContent.nativeView